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'His writing conveys a core message with charming originality, creating a magical, poetic feel that inspires the reader.'

Alessio Cavatore (River Horse Games, Warlord Games, Games Workshop)

I am a writer
of roleplaying games, fiction, poetry, and children's stories.
I'm available for commission and to hire on a freelance basis.


Published RPG Writing

I have written and contributed to a range of tabletop roleplaying games, including both original works and those based on beloved franchises such as My Little Pony and
Jim Henson's Labyrinth.

Notebook and Fountain Pen

News & Blog

I regularly update my blog with information about upcoming projects I'm involved with. I also post experience articles about roleplaying games, video games, books, poetry, and creative writing!

Used Books

Poetry & Prose

I am a keen lover of poetry and fiction! I have an online collection of original poetry and personal writing which is regularly updated.
I am available for poetry commissions, 
so check out my work!


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