Animon Story

The Kids & Monsters TTRPG

An original and self-published release, Animon Story is a TTRPG inspired by classic video games and anime such as Pokémon and Digimon, featuring Kids and their amazing Monster companions.

I designed, wrote, and produced Animon Story independantly.

Check out the Animon Story site for more information.


Tails of Equestria

The Official My Little Pony Storytelling Game

Since 2016 I have written for Alessio Cavatore's

Tails of Equestria as the line's

lead contributing writer. I was also assistant producer from 2017 until I returned to freelance writing in 2019.

Praise for my writing:



[The book] is packed with an air of real joy that's hard to ignore.

— on The Official Movie Sourcebook



His Melody of the Waves adventure is, in my opinion, the best one in the range

— on The Melody of the Waves



[The book] really shows off what you can do with the mechanics of the game

— on The Curse of the Statuettes


My Work:

  • ToE Starter Set, author

  • ToE: The Official Movie Sourcebook, author

  • The Curse of the Statuettes Adventure, author

  • The Festival of Lights, author

  • Melody of the Waves, author

  • ToE: Ogres & Oubliettes, author

  • The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning PRANCER,
    contributing writer

  • The Haunting of Equestria Adventure, editor/producer

  • Judge Not by the Cover Adventure, editor/producer

  • Filly Sized Follies Adventure, editor/producer


Tails of Equestria is a wonderful roleplaying game based on the well-known My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon, designed especially to be accessible to a young audience. The books are mostly written assuming the reader is an older sibling, parent, or guardian.

Delivering information to be read and then delivered by the reader to a younger audience is a unique and rewarding challenge. For ToE my writing is aligned with the target demographic and also with the requirements that come from Hasbro, the licensor.

This has given me a huge amount of experience both in children's writing, and with writing for licensed products.



The Adventure Game

I am a contributing writer on the 2019 RPG based on Jim Henson's Labyrinth, a movie which I grew up with! The game and my contribution, 
The Sapling Nursery, have both been received well by critics and fans alike.



 [Playing the scenario] was one of those perfect gaming moments, a rare instance where everything lines up and is pitch-perfect, capturing the setting, tone, and narrative exactly right. Moreso because it was a moment that felt absolutely true to the Jim Henson classic.

It's one of the best [scenarios] in a book full of great ones...my kids are still talking about it!

— on The Sapling Nursery,  a scenario in Labyrinth The Adventure Game


The Dark Crystal

Adventure Game

Following the success of Labyrinth The Adventure Game, I wrote 9 separate scenes for The Dark Crystal Adventure Game.

As a fan of The Dark Crystal, particularly Age of Resistance, I was inspired by the evocative fairy tale feel of the world of Thra.

Pacific Rim: Extinction

The Miniatures Game


I provided a range of writing contributions to Pacific Rim: Extinction, the successful 2018 Kickstarter-backed tie-in game for the Pacific Rim movies. These contributions included several articles on game mechanics, narrative, and production. I also wrote for the Kickstarter page and updates, as well as narrative prose  for each Jeager and Kaiju character, licenced by Legendary.

UK Games Expo

Event Magazine

I have written articles for tabletop gaming event magazines and showguides, including a featured full-page spread article for the UK Games Expo show magazine about writing and running tabletop rpgs for children and families.