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My first ever RPG writing livestream!

On Friday night I hosted my first ever RPG writing livestream on, and I’m very happy with how it went! Throughout the course of the evening there were more than 20 unique views, with around 10 viewers at any particular moment, which is more than I was expecting to have for the first stream!

I started building a short adventure scenario intended for the game ‘Romance of the Perilous Land’ by Scott Malthouse, published more recently by Osprey. It’s a brilliant game, familiar to those who have played D&D, but with a real focus on stories drawn from British Folklore.

For that reason the adventure I started writing, called ‘The Garland King,’ drew on inspiration from Derbyshire folklore around flower festivals that were perhaps based on ancient nature worship. I built up an in-fiction folk story for the adventure to be based on and planned out various locations and characters that will be involved. There’s still more work to be done, so I will be live-streaming again very soon on the same channel.

If you missed the stream you can easily catch up by watching the whole video on-demand on Twitch:


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